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British Airways Excess Baggage policy from 07 October 2009:

 Printable summary of Excess Baggage charges

All customers, irrespective of class of travel or Executive Club status, will be charged a fixed, single fee for each checked bag exceeding their free allowance


(incl. Algiers & Tripoli)

European and UK Domestic
Number of bags At the airport Online At the airport online
1st additional bag £40 per bag £32 per bag £35 per bag £28 per bag
Further additional bag £90 per bag £72 per bag £35 per bag £28 per bag
Departing from the US

1st additional bag  $60 per bag $48 per bag $50 per bag  $40 per bag
Further additional bag $140 per bag $112 per bag $50 per bag $40 per bag


  • Online charge refundable (Online only) before checking in
  • Customers are allowed to carry a maximum of 10 items of excess baggage
  • Customers will be eligible to a 20 per cent discount by pre-paying for excess baggage online. This service is only available for countries with an online payment functionality.
    India - all airports (pre-pay is available where India is not the point of sale (POS)
    Caribbean - BGI/TAB/POS/MEX (pre-pay is not available for journeys departing from BGI/TAB/POS/MEX due to local VAT regulations in operation at these stations)
    Europe - BRI/CAG (pre-pay is not available for journeys departing from BRI/CAG)
    Franchise Flights – BMed to FNA / DKR (pre-pay is not available for any journey from/to FNA or DKR)
    Franchise Flights – Comair / Loganair 
    Connecting journeys onto other carriers
  • The new ‘pre-pay’ functionality will be available on ba.com.

Overweight bags

In accordance with the UK Health and Safety Executive’s recommendation on the maximum weight for checked baggage, British Airways has introduced a limit of 23kg (51lbs) for any single checked bag as part of the free baggage allowance.

We understand that there are times when passengers will need to exceed this limit. Therefore a flat fee of £30 will be applied to bags weighing more than 23kg (51lbs). This charge is to cover the additional handling that bags weighing over 23kg (51lbs) can attract. We will not accept a bag heavier than 32kg (70lbs) as checked baggage. The Heavy Bag Charge can only be paid at the airport.

The following customers are entitled to a 32kgs baggage allowance per bag at no additional charge:

  • Customers travelling to and from Brazil.
  • Gold and Silver Executive Club members.
  • First, Club World and Club Europe customers on all routes.

Oversized bags

British Airways will accepted checked baggage for travel only if they are packed correctly within the maximum weight and reduced maximum dimensions of 190cm x 75cm x 65cm (75in x 29.5in x 25.5in).


The handling fee for firearms is £50 in each direction to cover the third party costs to British Airways for transporting these items.