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Список кодов AIRIMP

AIRIMP (Airline Interline Message Protocol)

AIRIMP - это аббревиатура ATA/IATA Reservations Interline Message Procedures - Passenger.

Стандарты AIRIMP используются для передачи информации между авиакомпаниями и агентами.

Самый полный справочник кодов AIRIMP с переводом находится по этой ссылке

Code: Explanation:
ACK Acknowledge
ACON Air conditioned
ADAC Advise acceptance
ADAR Advise arrival details
ADB Advise if duplicate booking
ADC Additional collection
ADNO Advise is not OK
ADOA Advise on arrival
ADSP Advise disposition of space, i.e. cancel whichever flight is not
  required if dupe bookings are held
ADTK Advise if ticketed
ADV Advise
ADVN Advise names
ADVR Advise rate
AGT Travel agent
ALTN Alternative
ARNK Arrival unknown
ARR Arrival
ASAP As soon as possible
ASC Advice of schedule change
ATX Air taxi
AVIH Animal in hold (specify details)
AVML Asian vegetarian meal
BBML Baby/infant meal
BIKE Bicycle included as baggage
BLML Bland meal
BLND Blind passenger
BRDD Boarded
BRDG Boarding
BS Booking source ( for car and hotel segments)
BSCT Bassinet/carry cot
BULK Bulky baggage
CBBG Cabin baggage over general limits
CCAR Compact car
CFY Clarify – your message not understood
CHD Child
CHG Change
CHNT Change name to
CHTR Charter
CKIN Check-in information
COMM Commission rate
COND Conditional
CONX Connecting
COR Correction to previous message
COUR Commercial courier
CTC Contact
CTCA Contact address
CTCB Contact business phone number
CTCE Contact email address
CTCF Contact data fax phone
CTCH Contact home phone number
CTCP Phone number – nature or type unknown
CTCT Travel agent phone number
CWGN Compact station wagon
DAPO Do all possible
DBLB Double room with bath
DBLN Double room with no bath/shower
DBLS Double room with shower
DBML Diabetic meal
DEAF Deaf passenger
DEP Departing
DEPA Deportee accompanied by an escort
DEPU Deportee unaccompanied
DIPL Diplomatic courier
DO Drop off point (for car segments)
ECAR Economy car – automatic
EFF Effective
EMAN Economy car - manual
EMIG Emigrant
EQFP Equivalent fare paid
ERQ Endorsement request
ETA Estimated time of arrival
ETD Estimated time of departure
EWGN Economy station wagon
EXST Extra seat
FDOR Four door car
FHTL First class hotel
FLT Flight
FOID Form of identification
FQTV Frequent traveller / mileage membership information
FRAG Fragile baggage
FRAV First available
GFML Gluten-free meal
GOV Government
GPST Group seat request
GRPF Group fare information
GRPS Group space
HA Have requested
HFML High fibre meal
HK Holding confirmed
HL Holding waitlist
HN Have requested
HMNL Hindu meal
HS Have sold from status (confirmed)
HTL Hotel
HW Have waitlisted
HX Have cancelled
ICAR Intermediate car
ID Identification number for car / hotel segments
IFUN If unable
IN If not holding, then need this segment
IN Check-in date for hotel segments
INAD Inadmissible passenger (cannot enter a country)
INF Infant
INTNL International
IRC International route charge
IS If not holding, then have sold from status
IT Tour number for car / hotel segments
IWGN Intermediate station wagon
IX If holding, then cancel
KK Confirming
KL Confirming from waitlist
KSML Kosher meal
LANG Passenger does not speak local language
LCAR Luxury car
LCML Low calorie meal
LFML Low fat meal / low cholesterol
LHTL Luxury hotel
LK Confirmed by direct computer-to-computer link
LL Waitlist
LPML Low protein meal
LWGN Luxury station wagon
MAAS Meet and assist
MATS Military air transport service
MAXR Maximum room rate required
MCO Miscellaneous charges order
MEDA Medical case
MINR Minimum room rate required
MODR Moderate room rate required
MOML Moslem meal
NA Need this segment…or if unable, then need segment
  immediately following with NN action code
NAC No action taken on your message
NAME Name change
NAR New arrival details
NBR Number
NCO New continuing information
NN Need
NO No action taken
NOCN No connection
NOOP Not operating
NOSH No show passenger
NOTR No traffic rights
NRC No record of passenger
NRCF Not reconfirmed by passenger
NRL Advice of new record locator
NSSA No smoking aisle seat
NSSB No smoking bulkhead seat
NSST No smoking seat
NSSW No smoking window seat
NTBA Name(s) to be advised
ORIG Originating
ORML Oriental meal
OSI Other service information
OTHS SSR which cannot be covered by any code
OUT Check-out date ( for hotel segment)
OW One way
OX Only cancel if the following segment is confirmed
PDM Possible dupe message
PETC Pet in cabin
PN Pending need
PNR Passenger name record
PRF Partial refund or over-collection message
PROT Protecting reservation
PSGR Passenger
PTA Prepaid ticket advice
PUP Pick-up point (for car segments)
PWCT Passenger will contact
QADB Quadruple room with bath
QADN Quadruple room with no bath / shower
QADS Quadruple room with shower
QINB Quintuple room with bath
QINN Quintuple room with no bath / shower
QINS Quintuple room with shower
RDB Reply to duplicate booking enquiry
REML Reference my letter
REMT Reference my telex
REQ Request
RES Reservation
REYL Reference your letter
REYT Reference your telex
RFD Full refund message
RFI Request for further information
RLOC Record locator
ROE IATA rate of exchange
RPT Repeat
RQID Request if desired
RQR Request reply
RQST Seat request
RR Reconfirmed
RS Reserved seat
RT Round trip
SCAR Standard size car
SEMN Ships crew / seaman
SFML Sea food meal
SGLB Single room with bath
SGLN Single room with no bath / shower
SGLS Single room with shower
SHTL Second class hotel
SI Service information (for car / hotel segments)
SKED Schedule
SLPR Berth or bed in cabin
SPCL Special ( for car segments)
SPEQ Sports equipment
SS Have sold from status
SSR Special service requirement
STCR Stretcher
STPC Layover at carrier’s expense
STVR Stopover
SUIT Double room with bath and sitting room
SUR Surface transportation, e.g. car, train, ship
SWGN Standard / full size station wagon
TCP Total complete party
TDOR Two door
TFC Traffic
THRU Through
THTL Tourist / third class hotel
TK Confirmed with new timings
TKNA Ticket number for automatically generated tickets
TKNM Manually entered ticket number
TKNO Ticket number
TKTD Ticketed
TKTL Ticketing time limit
TL Waitlisted with new timings
TOTL Total
TRPB Triple room with bath
TRPN Triple room with no bath / shower
TRPS Triple room with shower
TUR Tour
TWNB Room with two beds and bath
TWNN Room with two beds, no bath or shower
TWNS Room with two beds and shower
TWOV Transit without visa
UC Unable to accept sale, flight closed, passenger not waitlisted
UMNR Unaccompanied minor
UM08 Unaccompanied minor aged 8 years
UN Unable, flight does not operate
UNK Unknown
US Unable to accept sale, have waitlisted
UU Unable to confirm, have waitlisted
VIP Very important passenger
VGML Vegetarian meal
WCHC Wheelchair required all the way to cabin seat
WCHR Wheelchair required for ramps
WCHS Wheelchair required for stairs and long distances
WCOB On board wheelchair (provided by airline)
XBAG Excess baggage
XL Cancel waitlist
XO Exchange order
XR Cancellation recommended
XSEC Extra section / flight
XTN Extension
XX Cancel
YY Designator representing all airlines


Например после выписки билетов в Амадеус, от авиакомпании пришло сообщение, и Вы не можете понять, что от Вас требуется.


используя коды и термины , получаем перевод:

  • SSR OTHS 1A - спец запрос для прочей информации агенту АМАДЕУС
  • ADB - ADVISE IF DUPLICATE BOOKING - дубликат бронирования (пассажир где то еще сделал заказ)
  • KPIJAF - это скорее всего номера PNR. иногда пишут имя пассажира
  • OR WILL BE CNCLD BY 01JAN/1100 - или ваш заказ, PNR будет удален (отменен/аннулирован)