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Обновленная политика LOT "Best Booking Practices"

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Просим ознакомиться с обновленной политикой LOT "Best Booking Practices" и придерживаться правил бронирования.

Debit Memo Policy (Parameters & Debit memo)

Duplicate Bookings/Segments:
duplicate bookings for a passenger in different PNRs,
duplicate segments for a passenger within same PNR,
multiple itineraries thus blocking several flights when such itinerary is impossible to fly
Debit memo of 25 EUR (per segment per passenger).


Travel service providers should refrain from repeatedly cancelling and re-booking.
LOT understands that a small amount of these practices are a part of the ticketing process; however, any cancellations & re-bookings done for the same booking will be considered as an attempt to circumvent ticketing time limits or meeting GDS productivity and thus an ADM will be issued. The correct procedure is a creation of the new reservation.
Debit memo of  5 EUR (per segment per passenger).

Un-ticketed/Voided/Refunded No Show Booking

Un-ticketed bookings should be cancelled at least 4 hours before departure to release the inventory thus avoiding No-shows. Un-ticketed bookings not cancelled 4 hours before departure would result in an ADM. Excessive volume of un-ticketed bookings might lead to ADM, even if such bookings are cancelled 4 hours before departure.
Debit memo of 10 EUR (per segment per passenger).

Breaking of Married Segment:

Married segments may be offered at a different level of availability than if the segments were sold separately therefore married segment may not be separated, thus, connecting flights sold as "Married Segments" must be priced, ticketed, cancelled or changed "together".
Manipulating individual flights of a "Married Segment" is considered malpractice and subject to a fine of 600 USD / 600 EUR (per PNR per passenger) in addition to any applicable fare differential.

Fictitious Name and Other Speculative Bookings:
Creating live PNRs for training or test purposes is strictly prohibited.
Debit memo of 25 EUR (per segment per passenger).

Invalid ticket numbers:

Travel service providers should refrain from retaining bookings with invalid ticket numbers (e.g.: voided, refunded, used, fictitious, etc.). Usage of invalid ticket number to create dummy bookings or to circumvent ticketing time limits will result ina debit memo of 25 EUR (per segment per passenger).

Inactive Segments:
It is travel service provider’s responsibility to monitor the queues and release inactive segments with HX, UN, UC, NO, SC, TK, TL, TN, UU, US, PN, WL, WN, DL, DS, IX, MM, RM, GL or WK status codes from the booking within maximum 72h.Failure to remove these segments 24 hours before departure will result ina debit memo of 5 EUR (per segment per passenger).

Passive Segments:
Passive segments must be removed at least 24 hours prior to flight departure.
Debit memo of 25 EUR (per segment per passenger).

Lack of contact number in PNR

To facilitate flight disruption handling of customer due to irregularities such as for example delays, re-schedules, etc., we strongly recommend to provide passenger contact details (email and/or mobile number), which is in line with all applicable data protection regulations. In compliance with IATA resolution 830d, travel agencies are required to notify all ticketed and confirmed passengers of any schedule change or flight cancellation immediately after receiving notice, action queues promptly and to ensure that the passenger is notified of any changes to his or her booking as soon as possible. If a passenger exercises his or her right not to provide contact details, the Agent should indicate that the passenger has declined to provide such details. The indication provided in PNR will result in airline’s liability limitation in case of any irregularities. In such a case, the passenger shall not be provided information relating to flight cancellation or schedule changes (including delay in departure).

The respective noncompliance penalty or fine will be collected through the BSP/ARC airline reporting channels via ADM or an invoice in the case of non-IATA agents. We kindly remind you that in the event of an ADM or invoice for any violation of the LOT "Best Booking Practices", an additional service fee of 15 EUR will be imposed on top of the violation fine.

LOT Polish Airlines will not send any supporting documents along with the debit memo and the travel service provider is expected to approach their GDS’ for the complete PNR history.

Any disputes will have to be done through the channel of receipt within the latency period and through email after the ADM has been billed. No disputes will be taken through telephone.
Агент может оспаривать  ADM, вступив в диспут в BSP Link на протяжении 15 дней от даты выставления ADM.
При этом необходимо указать причину, по которой следует, что правила "Best Booking Practices" не были нарушены и приложить историю бронирования (PNR).

Все споры рассматриваются авиакомпанией в течение 60 дней после получения первой информации о диспуте ADM от Агента.
Политика "Best Booking Practices" авиакомпании  LOT разработана с целью оптимизации процесса бронирования и для того чтобы одновременно улучшить доступность мест на рейсы LOT для пассажиров.
BBP разработана согласно IATA Travel Agent's Handbook и  IATA Resolution 824, 830a, 852 в соответствии со стандартами авиаиндустрии.

Будьте внимательными и придерживайтесь правил бронирования!