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Estonian Air: Киев - Таллин - Киев

Акция от Авиакомпании
Estonian Air на Весеннюю распродажу авиабилетов по направлению:

Киев – Таллинн - Киев  1620 грн.

Период продажи с 10 апреля по 14 апреля 2013  для перелетов с 13 мая по 31 октября 2013

Тариф доступен для бронирования на сайте Fly.Kiev.Ua. Цена указана со всеми сборами. 

 Спешите бронировать, количество реализуемых в рамках акции авиабилетов на каждый рейс ограничено.


Springcampaign to TLL 2013

YQ 26.46 EUR   


Fares are valid for sales from 10.04.2013 – 14.04.2013


50. APPLICATION                                     Fares apply to the OW

  4. FLIGHT APPLICATION                         Fares are valid on OV operated flights, see table above

  5. ADVANCE RES/TICKETING                  Ticketing must be completed instantly

 6. MINIMUM STAY                                   no restrictions

  7. TICKET VALIDITY                               flight period

  8. STOPOVERS                                      not applicable

  9. TRANSFERS                                       not applicable


15. SALES RESTRICTIONS                        Valid for reservation/sales as specified above

                                                              TICKETS MUST BE ISSUED ON OV STOCK

16. PENALTIES                                        Refund for cancellations:

                                                              Not permitted


Not permitted                                                         

                                                                  Unused YQ/YR fees are nonrefundable


              booking class                             A

              fare basis                                  see above

              endorsement box                       OV only/non ref/no changes
19. CHILDREN DISCOUNTS                      
CHD (2 – 11 incl.) pay 67% of adult fare

                                                              /CH should be added to the end of the fare basis code

                                                              INF (0 – 1 incl.) pay 10% of adult fare

                                                              /IN should be added to the end of the fare basis

                                                              UM permitted, see additional rules on Amadeus info page.

22. ALL OTHER DISCOUNTS                      as shown above

AIRPORT TAXES and SURCHARGES           must be added if applicable

NOTES                                                    Capacity limitations: the number of seats that the carrier will make      available on given flight will be determined by the carrier’s best judgment