список авиабилетов по всему миру

Estonian Air: авиабилеты по молодёжным тарифам

Youth fare, confirmed => OK

Passenger type YTH – youth confirmed,  Fare type PZ-youth



NET Fares

Booking class

Fare basis

Киев - Таллин (и другие города)

100% of AP120/T class fare




ELIGIBILITY                                              valid for youth confirmed 12-25 with ID

                                                                  Proof of age must be presented at the time of ticketing and at the gate


1. APPLICATION                                        Fares apply for the  OW/RT.


2. FLIGHT APPLICATION                            Fares are valid only on OV operated flights

                                                                  Fares are valid on all OV operated routes


3. RESERVATIONS / TICKETING                Reservations, payment & ticketing must be completed within 48h or 24h after reservation has been made whichever is earlier


4. MINIMUM STAY                                      none

5. MAXIMUM STAY                                     1Y

6. TRANSFERS                                           not permitted

7. STOPOVERS                                           not permitted

8. CONSTRUCTIONS & COMBINATIONS      RT/SOJ  Combinable only with  same fare types (PZ)

9. TAXES & SURCHARGES                          Surcharges & airport taxes must be added if applicable.


10. SALES RESTRICTIONS                         Fares apply only for tickets issued on OV ticket stock, including travel agency stock validated with OV plate.


                                                                  Extension of validity not permitted.


         Cancellations:                                   No refund any time.

         Rebooking:                                       Revalidation permitted for a fee 75€


12. REROUTING                                         voluntary not permitted

                                                                  involuntary permitted


         Booking class:                                  V

         Fare Basis:                                        VZZOWM/VZZRTM

         Endorsement Box:                            YTH 12-25 with ID/CHG75EUR/ NONREF


14. CHILDREN INFANTS FARES                  Not applicable



15. DISCOUNTS                                          No other discounts apply

17. GROUPS                                               Fares do not apply on the group travel.

16. RESTRICTIONS                                    Proof of age – reservation must show the date of birth after the name of the passenger

                                                                  (IDDOBDDMMMYYYY) - Amadeus

                                                                  TMU1EBDOB DDMMMYY- Galileo

Capacity limitations:                                  the number of seats that the carrier will make available on a given flight will be determined by the carriers best judgement



Pricing entry                                          FXP/RZZ- Amadeus

                                                                  FQ*YTH13/COV - Galileo