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Lufthansa: Забастовка пилотов 01-02 декабря 2014

LH Group Ticketing Waiver Policy - LH Pilots' Strike Action

This Ticketing Waiver Policy is triggered by: LH Pilots Strike Action planned on DEC 01-02, 2014
Passengers holding LH/LX/OS/SN tickets for the following LH/LX/OS/SN/4U operated flights and/or OAL operated flights with LH/LX/OS/SN/4U flight numbers (code-share):
Flights from/to/via Frankfurt, Munich & Düsseldorf
-> Flights (incl. connecting Flights) departing on DEC 01-02, 2014
Tickets must be issued on/before 30/NOV/2014
In addition to the respective LH Group Carriers standard involuntary policy for flight irregularities: ►   One Rebooking permitted free of charge:
a) The new date of travel must be on/before 01/MAR/2015
b) Rebooking in original ticketed booking class/RBD
Exception: For LH-Group operated flights: (LH/LX/OS/VO/SN/4U) rebooking to same or next available RBD within same compartment is permitted
c) The change of origin/destination and class of service/compartment is not permitted. (Exception to/from geographical close destinations within Germany e.g. CGN/DUS or HAJ/HAM or STR/NUE or DTM/DUS is permitted)
d) Conditions regarding flight carrier restrictions must be observed any time.
- Exception: Rebooking on LH Group flights (LH/LX/OS/SN/4U-flight numbers) operated by LH Group carriers (LH/LX/OS/SN/4U) is permitted for all fares
e) All other conditions must be observed as per original ticket.
► No refund (refund is subject to original fare conditions only)
Lufthansa (LH):
► ATC usage of ticket changes is mandatory, as this automatically process filed waiver and will result in full re-issuance of ticket. The endorsement is set automatically by ATC
► Revalidation is permitted only in line with published regulations. Waive mentioned penalty, if applicable. OSI entry must be made: OSI LH "252014"
► For manual re-issues (not using ATC) waive mentioned penalty, if applicable - Endorsement entry must be made: "252014"
► In case a TWP re-issue is done by a travel agent, no VKA entry is needed for this special TWP only
► Further publication:
■ Lufthansa's Amadeus "GGAIRLHIRREG" pages
■ e-Teaming: https://eteaming.ebase.dlh.de/community/ecc/goodwill policies
Swiss (LX):
► In general the standard irregularity policy for rebooking, refund and partial refund applies. Please see PRM online in chapter 2.9.1 (Passenger Regulation Manual 2.9.1):
► URL: https://manuals.swiss.eom/prm/passengerregulationmanual/2/9/Pages/2.9.1.aspx
- Login LX staff: no login needed
- Login external staff:     prm // swiss_724
Austrian Airlines (OS):
► Reissue is mandatory and an endorsement entry must be made: "TWP 252014"
► For a quick reference on this topic you may also consult the GGAIROSIRREG page.
Brussels Airlines (SN):
► Reissue is mandatory and an endorsement entry must be made: "TWP 252014"
► In general the standard irregularity policy for rebooking. Please see PBM 389.
► Further publication: http://bmanuals/PHM/9 Passenger irregularities.pdf (9.11.0)
Germanwings (4U):
► Reissue is mandatory and an endorsement entry must be made: "252014" Information only: Standard involuntary policy for flight irregularities
►   In case of cancelled flights: The standard involuntary policy for flight irregularities of the respective LH Group Carrier applies, irrespective of the ticket issuing carrier. Please refer to respective handling manuals